Sweet Homes

A Brief about Sweet Homes

Sweet Homes is a leading group of companies established in the year 2003 as a property buying and selling agent in the Unites Arab Emirates.  With this humble start,our dedicated,hard work, and customer’s confidence in us we soon experienced as an exponential growth. We very soon established relationship with the ruler of Ajman private property department and acquired properties in bulk. Since then there is no looking back.

On the basis of­ considerable expertise in the field of engineering, general contracting, general trading, real estate brokerage, leasing, marketing, selling and managing sophisticated properties within the United Arab Emirates; its best endeavors to expand the scope of its business to include the services that addressed requirements of the real estate market customers we now enjoy the status of the only private Master Developer in Ajman with two many projects, one being the master community of villas known as Ajman Uptown,Paradise Lakes Tower(PLT),Rainbow Tower,Corniche Tower,Falcon,Al-Khor Tower etc.

In fact, we challenged ourselves to provide the suitable and reliable real estate solutions to large segment of customers seeking real estate properties and solutions at budgeted price based on the main philosophy of the group in the field of business, which stemmed from professionalism, specialization and efficiency using innovative technologies.

Sweet Home is the only developer in UAE who is offering citizenship to the investors of Ajman Uptown since it signed an agreement with the Govt. of Twin Island Caribbean Country Antigua and Barbuda under the Citizenship by Investment Act (2) 13 to offer citizenship to the customers who invest in the property of Ajman Uptown subject to due diligence.


Commitment to all standards of excellence in every aspect of the business.

Achievement of continuous development and becoming acquainted with all the technologies of our modern age.


Regarding our customers: To meet our customer’s satisfaction as real estate developer through providing ideal and appropriate climate for the growth of their business and families.

Regarding our employees: To become employer that appreciates the value of hard work of the employees.

Regarding our business: To become one of the most important companies in the region, not only in terms of quantity, but also qualitatively in terms of value.

Regarding our partners: To become an integral part of our operations by increasing their expertise, as well as providing an opportunity for their development.

Regarding our group: To be an entity focusing on increasing the growth opportunities and to provide integrated levels


A leading role in all aspects of development in the regional real estate industry

The passion to achieve excellence in all projects.

The group has worked to expand its operations to reach the investors, customers and to provide various real estate requirements for those who entrusted Sweet Homes on their valued investments.

Up to date, Sweet Homes maintains six companies under its umbrella, which are as follows:

Sweet Homes Holdings

Regarded as a leading developer in the United Arab Emirates and a services provider to the real estate UAE sector, Sweet Homes Holdings has successfully achieved a significant development and become a leading development company, as well as a leading developer of real estate in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, Sweet Homes Holdings is the company that founded the group of Sweet Homes. Since its incorporation, it has put in attention the vision of becoming one of the leading operating companies in the field of real estate development through the provision of a full range of services related to the development of real estate.

Sweet Homes Holdings has launched at this time two essential residential projects in the United Arab Emirates, namely Jatropha,Kentia,Ludicia and Ajman uptown.

Rainbow Towers project

It is a residential development project,cost reaches 1.7 billion dirhams, consists of nine towers designed by an architectural and engineering company Engineer Adnan Saffarini Office, the main contractor for the project is Master  civil contracting Company building  three towers, B 10, B14 and B 15.

This project is located on main Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road, the project features a comfortable residentce and entertainment with each of the towers consisting of 31 floors being built on the area of 15,274 square feet. Where new facilities have been developed to provide entertainment activities that enable the occupants of the towers to enjoy the place, and upon completion, this project will provide an easy and comfortable life for the occupants of these towers which will be equipped with high speed elevators and a health club at the highest standards and the most modern style, along with jacuzzi and sauna facilities and a place for exercising sports and entertainment area and a swimming pool on the roof of the building.

Ajman Uptown project

It is a residential villas and houses project valued to AED 3 billion project, located in Ajman. It is the first community of villas and houses in the emirate, this project is assumed to be consisted of 1504 house and villa consisting of ground floor and two floors and seven commercial and residential buildings composed of ground floor and an additional four floors, on an area of 3.5 million square feet. The project can be accessed directly from the Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road and on the opposite side of the city of the Emirate, This project contains eight different forms of houses consisted of two or three or four bedrooms, along with private villas for distinct personalities with a distinction design , consisting of five bedrooms, all of them are built in the framework of a single idea, which is, “the new concept of art of living” The main contractors in this project are the Sweet Homes General Contracting Company and Engineer Adnan Saffarini as the major consulting Office.

Sweet Homes General Contracting LLC

In order to increase the overall expertise of Sweet Homes in the field of civil construction, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, lifts and facilities management, Sweet Homes General Contracting LLC was created to be the new arm of that entity which serves as the Contracting company in all Sweet Homes projects. Whereas the development of the master community project of Ajman Uptown is the first project of this company. Sweet Homes General Contracting LLC is fully qualified to address the needs of different sectors in terms of building challenging projects and offering wide ranging services, ranging from carpentry and interior design, elevators and manufacturing the steel of structure and cladding buildings with aluminum and even facilities management. Such capabilities provide Sweet Homes General Contracting LLC with the essential expertise for building the project from the drawing board until it is physical existence.

In general, the company aims to exploit the internal expertise in construction field for the benefit of its customers, and to achieve the best value for money.

Sweet Homes Real Estate

Sweet Homes Real Estate is the fruit of the extensive regional expertise in the promotion of a number of important projects, and marketing and management of the same. This company is indeed the exclusive arm of Sweet Homes in the field of sales and marketing. The company has worked with a number of high-end large-scale projects such as the International City Rufi towers, Nuaimiya towers, Al Khor towers, Corniche tower and Falcon tower in Ajman.

Sweet Homes Real Estate is focusing to direct own projects’ sales through the application of high-level marketing strategies through Sweet Homes Real Estate and through its offices all over the world, It has marketed projects mainly in Emirates of UAE like Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and GCC countries and London. Sweet Homes Real Estate also works to increase its network of contacts in the field of real estate to attract customers from the region and the Arab world to invest their money in the booming real estate market in the United Arab Emirates.

Sweet Homes General Trading

Sweet Homes General Trading LLC is working primarily in the business of supplying the best building materials at all to Sweet Homes projects, and thus serves as the internal supplier subsidiary company of the Group in Dubai, which specialized in trade of all types of building materials from leading regional and international manufacturers, along with fresh fruit and so on. In light of the increasing rise in prices of construction materials due to high shipping costs and increased demand on the same in the Gulf States, the Sweet Homes General Trading LLC works to ensure that Sweet Homes obtain the building materials at competitive prices, and thus protect its customers from the increased construction costs which returns to multiple economic factors. This enables the Group to provide a high quality of real estate services with a lower cost to the growing number of its customers.

Sweet Homes Media Communications LLC

Based on its belief in the power of the media to direct the aimed key messages of Sweet Homes to be delivered to its regional and worldwide customer base, the Group has decided to set up its agency for media communications, which undertakes the work of designs, plans, marketing, organizing events and media campaigns for the brand of Sweet Homes Holdings and its projects. Through a series of interactive media campaigns highlights Sweet Homes projects. Sweet Homes has become one of the largest private developers in the Emirates of Ajman, which has achieved omnipresence in the media.

In addition, the Group has announced plans to expand its services to include high-level research and feasibility studies,to provide excellent after-sales service and to ensure access to customer’s satisfaction.

ASD Engineering Consultants

The latest addition of subsidiaries to the developing family of Sweet Homes Holdings is ASD Engineering Consultants, which offers specialized and integrated planning management, infrastructure and services planners, and designers equipped with architectural skills. Given its strong ability in architectural fields, fields of planning and interior finishes; the team at ASD Engineering Consultants consists of architects, engineers and technical staff that have expertise of all local authorities regulations as well as international standards. ASD is specialized in Engineering Consultant in the production of the designs,which provide the best economic construction methods that meet the current and future expansion requirements of customers.