Engineering Consultants


ASD Engineering Consultants

The latest addition of subsidiaries to the developing family of Sweet Homes Holdings is ASD Engineering Consultants, which offers specialized and integrated planning management, infrastructure and services planners, and designers equipped with architectural skills. Given its strong ability in architectural fields, fields of planning and interior finishes; the team at ASD Engineering Consultants consists of architects, engineers and technical staff that have expertise of all local authorities regulations as well as international standards. ASD is specialized in Engineering Consultants in the production of the design of successful facilities which provide the best economic construction methods that meet the current and future expansion requirements of customers.


     Preparation of Master Plans

·       Preparation of Urban Development Schemes

·       Preparation of Feasibility Studies

·       Environmental Impact Studies

·       Preliminary Designs

·       Detailed Working Drawings

·       Technical Specifications

·       Bills of Quantities

·       Conditions of Contracts

·       Analysis of Tenders

·       Construction Management

·       Renovation of old buildings

·       Project Management

·       Supervision of Construction

·       Preparation of Interim and Final Payments

·       Control of Materials Testing

·       Plant Utilization and Cost Control

·       Provisional and Final Taking Over of Projects

·       System Design and Integration

·       GIS analysis

·       Database Design, Modelling and Development

·       Application Design and Development

·       System Engineering

·       Training and Support

·       Simulation and Modelling




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