Sweet Homes Real Estate


Sweet Homes Real Estate

Sweet Homes Real Estate is the fruit of the extensive regional expertise in the promotion of a number of important projects, and marketing and management of the same. This company is indeed the exclusive arm of Sweet Homes in the field of sales and marketing. The company has worked with a number of high-end large-scale projects such as the International City Rufi towers, Nuaimiya towers, Al Khor towers, Corniche tower and Falcon tower in Ajman.

Sweet Homes Real Estate is focusing to direct own projects’ sales through the application of high-level marketing strategies through Sweet Homes Real Estate and through its offices all over the world, It has marketed projects mainly in Emirates of UAE like Ajman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and GCC countries and London. Sweet Homes Real Estate also works to increase its network of contacts in the field of real estate to attract customers from the region and the Arab world to invest their money in the booming real estate market in the United Arab Emirates.

Sweet Homes Real Estate is also offering citizenship by investment program for all the people who are purcasing a villa from sweethomes.Buy a 2 bedroom,3 bedroom and 4 bedroom villa,you will get citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda.And that also offer you Visa Free travel to 131 Countries.The purchased person can opt for dual citizenship or citizenship. 

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